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  NBC    Today    News/Business.  (2013) A model who gave up her  
   career for God; line dancing. New. (CC) (Stereo)  

    May 18, 2013
    7:00 - 9:00am EDT  

packed with rush hour commuters collide in connecticut. more than 60 people injured, some critically. what went wrong? we're live at the scene. brecking for the worst. 35 million americans facing the threat of severe weather, including powerful thunderstorms, large hail, even tornadoes. dylan on who is at risk and where it's headed. >> powerball fever, the lottery jackpot soars to 6$690 million and we have tips from a seven-time winner on how you can improve your chances of striking it rich. "today," saturday may 18, 2013. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on saturday morning. i'm lester hit.
>> i'm erica hill. prepare yourself, you may not see lester holt after today. >> any of us. >> we have a pool. these are our winning tickets. a security guard right over there. >> so careful and so into it, we're using the back of some old envelope as a record sheet. >> we're saving trees. list, 22 people at "weekend today" have paid their $5. >> i want this on camera for the deposition later when we're not friends. >> i gave a $20 for you guys. if this works out, $27 million per person. for 22 people, not so bad. >> $17 million doesn't go like it used to. >> not when you are living large like holt does. >> it's crazy. >> there are strategies to winning which we may employ later today. o.j. simpson trying to get a
new trial after conviction for robbery and kidnapping. his former lawyer took the stands on friday. a riveting hearing. now up to a judge to decide. so what are simpson's chances? we'll check in with our legal expert on that one. >> catch up with the young woman who shocked the fashion world when she walked away from a luck ra ty career as a victoria's secret model. why she felt she had to get out of business what she called selling sex. and gunshots during a live tv interview, with an acard believe award winning actress and before that a jewelry heist, like something right out of mov movies. we'll take a look at what's going on in the mediterranean. and beyonce, the news that could affect her blockbuster concert tour. that coming up. we begin with the train derailment in connecticut. we begin with michelle franzen. what's the latest?
>> reporter: good morning, lester. a look at part of one of the trains back here, resting on the tress tressel. you can see, construction going on at the time where these two trains collided. ntsb, a team of investigators, are on hand today, looking at some evidence and trying to figure out exactly what caused this derailment. it occurred just at the height of the friday commute, just after 6:00. just about an hour outside of new york city, in this busy corridor that services commuters between boston and new york and rescuers certainly had to help dozens of passengers out that were taken to nearby hospitals, as many as 60 people we're told taken to nearby hospitals to be treated for various injuries. about five in critical condition. and one was in serious condition, according to the governor, who had a press conference last night. what the initial investigation
shows that the -- one of the trains that was heading eastbound toward new york city, packed with about 300 passengers, somehow derailed off of the tracks here and collided with a westbound train that was also carrying hundreds of passengers. again, rescuers scrambling in initial moments to get people off of those -- out of those trains and to help them. fortunately, no one was killed, but investigators will be poring over this wreckage today and, lester, it could be days before the wreckage and the service is restored. amtrak has also suspended service between new york city and new haven. >> michelle franzen in connecticut, thank you. plenty of severe weather happening this weekend. residents whose homes were torn apart in granbury, texas, will be allowed to survey damage today, one day after governor rick perry toured the area. this weekend, 35 million americans are in the path of
potentially dangerous storms. dylan dreyer is tracking the weather for us. >> d today could be the start of a severe weather outbreak. the moisture streaming in off the gulf of mexico. that puts dewpoint in the low to mid 70s, unstable air combines with the energy to the west of the cold front and could spawn some very strong storms as we go through this afternoon and this evening. in orange there from nebraska, right down into oklahoma, that is the area we could see some strong tornadoes, later on this evening. elsewhere in red, we could be dealing with large hail, also some damaging wind gusts, right now, we have some very strong storms, not severe, but strong storms moving through alabama and through georgia, just south of atlanta and up across minneapolis and back into south dakota. we have heavy downpours, frequent cloud to ground lightning and potential for strong, gusty winds. that's not the severe weather we'll see today. back through parts of nebraska,
into kansas, oklahoma today and then tomorrow it spreads ever so slowly to the east, and tomorrow, in fact, we are looking at the possibility of tornadoes at any point during the day, even during the afternoon, whereas today, mostly just this eechblg juvening. in kansas city, we could see hail two inches of diameter and a strong possibility of tornadoes. something we'll be watching all weekend long. erica. >> thank you, dylan. we'll check in for more on the national forecast. powerball fever is spreading. tonight's jackpot is $600 million and people lining up across the country for their chance at winning big. brian mooar in washington, d.c. where folks are getting an early start picking lucky numbers. brian, good morning. >> reporter: lester, a low-grade fever in washington right now. but we've been seeing people come in steadily. you know, your chances of
winning, less than your chances of becoming president, the odd there, 1-10. the odds here in the powerball? 1-175 million. $2 and a dream, all people need. why they are doing. what would they do with all of the money? a couple people we talked to today. one guy bought it for his wife. he doesn't gamble, of course. a firefighter said he would do his job, but with a different attitude. one guy said he would give it all to charity, spend of rest of his life, helping kids get into college, helping neighbors, helping churches. a lot of people are dreaming and they can keep on dreaming. the lottery held across 43 states, district of columbia and virgin islands. virginia alone expected to sell $5 million tickets per day. a rate of $9,9,500 per hour.
>> good to dream. thank you very much. a very different scenario in washington than powerball. obama administration reeling, trying to deal with three big controversies. could that derail the second-term agenda. kristen welker is live at the white house with the latest. >> reporter: you are right. that is the question. this is one of president obama's worst weeks to date and it ended with a contentious congressional hearing and the outgoing irs commissioner under fire. in his weekly address, president obama tried to shift focus away from the mounting controversies and back to the economy. >> more than anything, the american people make me optimistic about where we're headed at a nation. >> reporter: nothing could overshadow the fireworks on capitol hill friday. when acting irs commissioner steven miller, who tendered his
resignation earlier this week, testified. >> we centralized cases based on political activity. >> reporter: he apologized that groups had been targeted for extra scrutiny. the tactic was a foolish mistake, miller said, but not a case of politics. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress nor the american people. ed questnss theyd. >> reporter: this after the white house trying to tamp down criticism over the response to the benghazi attack, released 100 pages of e-mails and notes on wednesday. and the president came under fire this week for the justice department's widely criticized seizure of journalist phone records. >> how do you feel about comparisons of your critic's comparisons of this week's scandals to nixon? >> reporter: the scandals could threaten the second-term agenda.
>> a relatively limited window to get things done, and this is eating into it. >> reporter: the irs controversy could have the most staying power, because the agency impacts average americans. >> the irs knows the controversy is the one easiest to understand and could be the most damaging. >> reporter: another reason the irs scandal has staying power, friday's hearing is likely the first in a series of hearings and investigations. white house officials say they and the president learned about the irs targeting last week. erica. >> kristen welker at the white house this morning. kristen, thank you. john harwood, chief washington correspond spoenent more. when you look at the scandals, irs, benghazi, a.p. issues, is the white house handling this correctly? >> hard to say whether they are handling it correctly, erica, until more time passes and we see the president's political
standing. they ended the week on an aggressive note. slow on irs, but waited until they got the i.g. report and fired steven miller. that was adecisive step and the president rejected calls for a special counsel. on benghazi, they finally released e-mails after republicans did some political maneuvering to put out stories on the benghazi attack. and ap phone roecords case, the did lay out their rationale and support a shield law. >> what does this do to the second-term agenda? are we starting to work their way to washington? >> it potentially could interfere with his agenda, but, remember, republicans themselves have powerful incentives to cooperate with him on some issues like immigration, they need that to broaden their party base and on the budget deficit,
the debt dealing that's potentially going to ripen later in the year, both sides have to get something done. they have reason to work together. >> there is caution, even though there is red meat. there is caution from former speaker newt gingrich about tempering expectations here and being more conservative in the way they are going after these things. >> no question about it they saw under newt gingrich, it backfired in 1998 when they overplayed their hand against bill clinton. the republican party, it's not that their base is not fired up about disliking president obama and what democrats stand for. the problem, the base isn't wide enough. they need to bring more people in, and there is a question as to whether they go so aggressively, they impede their party in a way that makes it more appealing to more people. >> how are all of these issues
affecting what the american people think about the administration and republicans? either one coming out ahead at this point in terms of public opinion? >> clearly irs has the most staying power. let's parse that. the ap phone records, that's a decision made in a case that can't be talked about a whole lot. those of us in journalism may be upset, the public may not be all that upset. and just liken hans enhanced interrogation during the bush administration. benghazi, the more we learn about the aftermath, the less it looks like a scandal and more it looks like typical bureaucratic and public relations maneuvering. the irs if it's partisan, then that's very bad and the white house is involved it could be extremely damaging to the president. those haven't been proven yet,
even though many republicans assume and believe it's true. >> john harwood, thank you. >> you bet. the rest of the morning's top stories, including military muscle flexing on the part of north korea. jenna wolfe has the headlines. new this morning, north korea has launched a series of short-range missiles into the sea off the coast of the korean peninsula. the south korean military tracked the three missiles. they are not speculating as to why north korea chose to launch them now. dealing with another issue that plagued the administration, top military leaders are vowing a crackdown on sex abuse in the military. chuck hagel says tens of thousands of people who currently deal with programs designed to respond and prohibit sexual harassment and military recruiters will be recertified on how to handle the situations. police in florida are
investigating a breakin at the home of didi trotter. among the stolen items, some olympic rings and other memorabilia from the time at 2012 games. they don't think trotter was specifically targeted and there is a rise in burglaries in that area as of late. venezuela is dealing with a crisis of epic proportions. it's almost hard to talk about. they are running out of toilet paper. >> oh, no. >> it's bad. really bad. the government is blaming political opponents for the toilet paper shortfall, and economists say it stems from price controls meant to make basic goods available to the poor. people have waited days to buy it. a four roll per person rule. in venezuela, they just can't spare a square. >> totally let down. >> totally wiped out. >> he's been waiting all morning to use that. >> my line was a little better. although i do like your line.
>> okay. finally, big story. there are crazy world records that are sought out to break through blood, sweat, and tears and then there is this story. clinton shepherd is attempting to break the world record for longest ferris ride, sort of like the longest casual stroll in the park, only dysier. he is riding the navy pier record in chicago. he is going for 48 hours. before you go, that's nuts, he has a flat screen tv, pillows, a chandelier and a smartphone and he gets a bathroom break for five minutes every hour. >> wait a minute. >> hold on, that might be a record my grandmother can break as well. not to take anything away from him. still a great record. >> exactly. >> dylan dreyer back with the
rest of the national forecast. strong storms in the plains states and a lot of thundersto thunderstorms elsewhere down in the southeast through the mid-atlantic up through the northern plains. but that area in red, that's the area where we could see the strongest storms and tornadoes are possible, especially this evening across western nebraska, western kansas and down into oklahoma. not so much including the pan hand l, but we'll keep an eye out for the potential of strong storms there. most likely later ob this evening. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. cloudy skies and temperatures mostly in the low to mid-60s right now. rain chances will be dotting the landscape through your saturday and through your sunday as well. currently 65 here in washington. there are some showers now in northern fairfax county. but the steadier rains are south of town towards fredericksburg. so today mostly cloudy, showers likely. especially south of town. highs only in the upper 60s.
and that's your latest forecast. lester. >> dylan, thank you very much. this morning, o.j. simpson waiting to hear if a judge in las vegas will grant him a new trial. simpson blames his 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping conviction on his former lawyer, saying yale galanter did his job so badly, his conviction should be thrown out. gallaanter defended himself at hearing on friday. lisa bloom joins us. >> good morning, lester. >> more than an awkward exchange. we think of that attorney/client privilege. in this case, simpson had to waive that, and galanter throws him under the bus. did i characterize that correctly? >> absolutely right. the most stunning moment in the courtroom yesterday. yale galanter had to ultimately say that o.j. simpson told him that he knew that his boys as he put it allegedly, were bringing guns into the hotel room. that was the key issue in that trial, that o.j. had always
denied. >> o.j. also makes the case that his attorney in this case, galanter, didn't present him with some plea options that the prosecution had offered that would have limited his amount of jail time. if true, that not a strong avenue of appeal to say your lawyer didn't represent you properly? >> it sure is. but a couple point. it's a he said/he said dispute. will you believe o.j., when he's accusing his lawyer of not relaying plea offers, or the attorney who says i absolutely did that and o.j. would not accept the plea offer that included jail time. that o.j. insisted on probation only. as an attorney, i'm also confused as to why this attorney wouldn't have put that in writing. any significant moments between an attorney and client are usually memorialized in writing, like a fee agreement, which in this case was not reduced to writing. $500,000 exchanged hands and no
writing substantiating it. >> awas there a conversation, i it's okay to do this, and if that constitutes a conflict of interest. does it? >> well, that's right. look, if yale galanter told him, sure, go ahead, take a couple of friends, take a gun, go in, kidnap people, threaten them, and take items, that would be a big problem. ith hait's hard to believe any attorney would give that advice. there is no writing, no smoking gun supporting o.j.'s position. i think this is really a hail mary pass. >> how often do these cases succeed? you pick a lawyer, go to trial, lose? is it common for the defendant to say it's the lawyer's fault? and how many of these cases go in favor of the defendant? >> he's probably more likely to win powerball. this is really a long, long, long shot, lester. o.j. has already lost all of his appeals. he's entitled to this habeas
corpus proceeding, but it's unlikely he will prevail. >> this is not an appeal of the case itself? >> right. this is saying his attorney screwed up so badly that o.j. should be freed. utt a very difficult legal standard. you have to show that the attorney made some mistakes. that those mistakes were so significant that o.j. would have been acquitted had they not happened. that's a tough legal standard to me. >> might need to buy the lottery ticket after all. 6$600 million doesn't go as far in jail as it used to. still to come, why would a victoria's secret model give it all up for a quiet life out of the spotlight? we'll talk to her about that decision, but, first, t
ever make a list with what would you do with all of the cash if you won the powerball?
>> mentally, yeah. >> who you would give it to? >> mostly to me. >> you won't share? >> i will. all i want is a private plane. i never want to go in stand in a tsa line again. >> remember who your friends are. >> no houses, cars, just a private plane. >> is there going to be a kitchen on the plane? >> absolutely. big plane. >> a lot of dreams and lists to make about powerball winnings. you do the same, we'll meet back in just a moment.
good morning. it's saturday, may 18th.
i'm richard jordan. in the news today, police are investigating the death of a man in louden county. chopper 4 flew over the scene last night. it happened on blossom drive in sterling. deputies found the man's body at home. we expect to find out his name later today. police say it it appears to be a domestic situation. no word if anyone is in custody. expect delays on metro this weekend. crews are working on three of the five lines. three stations are shut down. greenbelt, college park and prince george's plaza. two stations are closed on the orange line. trains are single tracking on the red line between dupont circle and van ness. today prince george's county public schools are looking for bus drivers. they must bring a copy of their driving record. the school will pay for training for new hires. the job fair runs from 9:00 this morning until 1:00 this afternoon. we're going to check your forecast next. it's a wet one.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures generally in the mid-60s here this morning with a lot of cloud cover and even some light rain showers across the area. rain showers moving from louden county over the potomac into montgomery county. steadier rains down to the south of town. so there's your four-day forecast. a 70% chance that you're going to get rained on both today and tomorrow. won't rain all day everywhere, but don't stray far from umbrella. >> another update in 25 minutes. now let's go back to "the today show" in new york. that is former victoria's
secret kylie bisutti when she won this contest to be a victoria's secret angel. she walked the runway until she walked away from her dream job. now a war of words with the lingerie giant. she released a book about her decision to leave modeling. she will talk about what drove the decision to quit. leave int a live interview, just ahead. and here in new york, we would like to thank the folks who stopped by the plaza this morning to share part of the weekend with us. out in just a little bit. spend some time with them. and learn some new dance moves. >> a line dance we'll do. >> safety in numbers, what i like to say. i'm erica hill arc lolongside l holt. can orb make it 2-2. >> he had a fantastic finish at the kentucky derby. can he do it again when they run the preakness?
a preview coming up. >> no pressure there. a little chaos at cannes film festival. a gun scare during an interview. that after a thief pulled off a braise know jewelry heist. >> not all of the drama on the screen there. and big news for beyonce. could it mean an end for her blockbuster summer concert tour. that, coming up. mayor of a minnesota town, and he's just 4 years old. how did he get elected? was he eligible to vote? all those questions when we talk to him later. >> he is cute. >> he is pretty stinking cute. >> anyway, we begin this half hour with a pretty disturbing story. a dallas woman called 911 on the day she was allegedly killed by her ex-husband. despite hearing her screams for help over the phone it took nearly an hour for police to arrive. "rock center's" kate snow here
to tell us more. >> dallas' 911 center came under fire for years, overwhelmed, under staffed. but last summer, one case became a wakeup call that the city needed to treat domestic violence calls a lot more seriously. >> dallas 911, what is your emergency? >> reporter: on a friday morning in dallas last august, a woman was clearly in trouble. >> why are you doing this? >> hello. >> deanna cook never actually spoke to the 911 operator, but her screams and pleading lasted close to nine minutes. the attacker heard on the tape too. >> i'm going to kill you, i'm going to kill you. >> reporter: two days later when deanna didn't show up for church, deanna's family went to the home and kicked in the door. >> all the stuff on the floor and i walked in the bathroom. >> okay. that's when we found her, she was in the bathtub, and it was
horrible. >> reporter: her family would later learn that deanna called 911 on the day she died and it took nearly an hour for officers to get to her house. on the way, they stopped at a 7-eleven and when they arrived at the home, they knocked on the door and left after five minutes. >> you knew the call came from her. why didn't you do what you are supposed to do? >> reporter: what does it say to women in this city when that happened? >> it would say to a woman these aren't priority calls. >> page blink is head of one of the largest family violence centers in dallas. >> it would say that sometimes they get away with it. and maybe you do everything right and still die. >> reporter: last year the 911 call center in dallas was short staffed that 30% of operator positions were unfilled. at the same time, incident of domestic violence at a record high. >> in 2011, we had 10 domestic violence murders, in 2012, we
had 26. so we know we have a problem. >> reporter: the 911 operator took deanna's call. they blame you, they said deanna cook died because of a botched 911 call mishandled by you. >> i didn't blame people for thinking that, because they don't know all the information. >> reporter: and the obvious question is how could you not stand up and scream and say, i got to get somebody to this person right now? >> i didn't hear it. if i heard as much as you are saying, then i would have. >> reporter: the head sets that 911 operators use don't block out background noise. >> what i did hear initially was the screaming. to me, that was enough to get the police there. >> of course, that's not what happened. the operator says she became the scapegoat of a system that broke down every step of the way, she's okay with that because of improvements that have been made. better head sets, more than 911
operate sxorzs and a priority o domestic calls. >> we think of domestic calls, there is an urgency. >> it is better now. a check of the weather from dylan. >> good morning, a quiet day in the northeast. cloudy to start off the day. later on this evening, watching the preakness. the second round of the triple crown. most of the cloudy skies will be around through the majority of the day, but the showers hold off to later. showers should ho until later. the course shouldn't too wet. it should be drier than it was for the kentucky derby. we're looking for strong storms through the plains into texas. and from nebraska right into western kansas into western oklahoma, there's the chance we could see some strong storms producing tornadoes, large hail and damaging wind gusts later on this evening.
that threat does spread east into sunday. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. >> good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. your saturday is off to a cloudy start. a rainy start in quite a few black yards this morning. current temperatures upper 50s in northern maryland. generally low to mid-60s around town and down to the south. there's steadier rain showers southbound to richmond. even rain drops being found towards leesburg and montgomery county. showers around this morning. and off and on chances for rain this afternoon. highs near one of our younger fans of the "today" show. where are you from? >> i'm lucy and i am from carolina and my mom is in argentina for her anniversary. >> i should let you do the weather. she asked for a hug and a handshake. that made my day. still ahead on "today," all
eyes on orb. can he win the second leg of the triple crown? we'll preview the preakness to look at his odds. up next, why is this former model in a war of words with her former employer, victoria's secret. we'll talk to her, right after this. this was you. hm? you've been trying to get me to eat egg whites for years. you went and talked to mcdonald's? [ gasps ] oh, an egg white delight mcmuffin. i knew it. [ female announcer ] the new egg white delight mcmuffin. freshly grilled egg whites and creamy white cheddar. also available on any of your favorites. it's another new way to love mcdonald's. mmm. this is good. yeah. it's better than good. did you remember my latte? uh..yeah...'s in the car. mmm! that's good. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up.
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it is perhaps the most glamorous modeling job around. working for victoria's secret. why give it all up, if it was once your dream job? kylie bisutti says it was a matter of faith. three years ago, kylie bisutti one of the sexiest young models around. america chose the 19-year-old to be a victoria's secret runway angel. kylie had dreamed of becoming a super model and believed this was her crowning achievement. ♪ but eventually kylie was ashamed.
>> i really just started to feel exploited, sexualized. >> reporter: kylie decided to follow her heart and faith and quit. giving up the promise of a lucrative modeling career to move to the small town of big fork, montana, with her new husband, hoping find a more centered life. >> came to her convictions, i don't want to go down that road anymore. i don't feel comfortable, you know, dressing half naked to sell clothing. >> kylie counsels other young women, promoting christian values and shares her story in her new book "i'm no angel." victoria's secret said in part, ms. bisutti has made numerous fabrications and misstatements on her brief association with the company. but her pastor says the story rings true. >> it's someone pursuing fame and success that those wouldn't
bring her the kind of satisfaction she was hoping for. >> kylie has written an experience on her experience called "i'm no angel." she is with us this morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> great to have you here. write in the book why you gave it up. for people who haven't read the book, this is your dream job. why did you want to be that victor victoria's secret angel? >> you know, i really was just pursuing success, fame, attention, and money doesn't hurt either. you know, i just wanted it. and it was my dream. >> at one point, you decided as you were going through this, and you were married at the time, it didn't feel right, and it affected you internally, and off quit, a little later on, you wrote this tweet. "i quit being a victoria's secret mod towel become a problem ve proverbs 31 wife." what does that mean? >> i'm respecting my marriage, honoring my marriage, a world where divorce rates are
constantly on the rise. i feel you have to protect your marriage and for me, to honor my husband, and dress modestly and not be in lingerie for the world to see. that is one step. >> your husband had been very supportive of your career. you were a model when the two of you met. and he supported you in the victoria's secret model competition. what changed? >> god changed my heart and opened my eyes to the fact i wasn't being the type of role model for young girls that i could be, and that i am pursuing now. i don't want girls to look at my images and want to start throwing up their food or acquiring eating disorders because that's what they think they have to do to feel beautiful in this world. that's what i used to think i had to do to feel beautiful. >> that's what you did when you were in modeling. you talk about women you met along the way, going through things like that. starved yourself, worked out like crazy it seems from what i
read. but you had to know going into it, too, when you are modeling lingerie, are you clearly selling sex. >> yes shyou are clearly sellin sex. even if you are modeling not linger lingerie, but what are you modeling on over the side of th chair. are you still selling sex. >> victoria's secret came out with a statement, saying that there are numerous fabrications, misstatements, that you exaggerated the relationship you had with the company, did you exaggerate that relationship? is there stuff in there that didn't happen the way you say it did? >> no, these claims were made before they ever got a chance to read the book. the claims were made off the stuff the media was spinning and
saying at the time. a lot of things said in the media that weren't true either, and i felt had they read the book, they would have seen the book is really targeted for girls who are struggling with body image issues, not about their brand. >> real quickly, do you regret your time as a model or victoria's secret model? >> i don't regret any of it. for the platform this has given me to help girls. >> thank you for coming in. >> the book once again, "i'm no angel." can orb go 2-2. a preview of today's preakness stakes, after this.
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with you. >> a horse wins the kentucky derby and then the pressure on for the next race. why is orb not necessarily a one off? >> because of the way he won the kentucky derby, lester. a very impressive race and this week, the way he trained in new york before he was brought down to maryland. his trainer, shugg mccaughey, not one given to hyperbole and he talked about getting cold chills working out, getting ready for the race. he is in the stall behind us. looks good, eating a big breakfast. orb has all of the features when we talk about horses that have a shot at the triple crown. >> other horses generating excitement. mylute is one of. >> rosey nie naprovnik, the joc
on, he finished fifth at the derby, maybe he can move up today. >> this is not the same field in the kentucky derby. new shooters. any of them worth keeping a close eye on? >> well, governor charlie is interesting, trained by bob bafford. he is a hall of famer, missed this race five times. he missed the derby with a sore foot. and departing is a great story. an illinois derby winner, they skipped the derby, pointing to the preakness. when they were kids growing up in paris, kentucky, on claiborne farm, orb and departing used to race against each other on the same field. not sure who won those races, but we'll find out later on today. >> thank you for spending time with us this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you, lester. >> coveriage begins at 2:30 eastern and continues with the
race itself at 4:30 eastern, right here often nbc. more ahead on "today," tips to increase the chances of winning the powerball jackpot.
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describe this saturday morning. we could be in for a rainy weekend. showers are moving into n for much of the area. chuck bell will have a look at your forecast in just a moment. first, good morning, it's 7:56 on this saturday, may 18th. i'm richard jordan. get ready for delays on metro. crews are working on three of the five lines. some stations are closed. we'll start with the green line. greenbelt, college park and prince george's plaza. that could spell problems for people trying to get to graduation tomorrow at the university of maryland. another two stations are closed on the orange line, boston and virginia square. you can see that there is also single tracking on the red line between dupont circle and van ness. today tommy wells will officially throw his hat in the race for d.c. mayor. wells will announce his candidacy at noon in northeast. he's been on the d.c. council since 2006. chuck is tracking the rain showers. we'll check the forecast next. stay with us.
the weekend forecast is a wet one. some people are already seeing some rain. let's get a breakdown from chuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. cloudy skies have rolled in. current temperatures are generally in the mid-60s and around town. low 60s in maryland. mid-60s near solomon's island. the bulk of the rain will be south of the metro area, but there are already some sprinkles. don't stray too far from the umbrella. on the whole, a cloudy afternoon. showers likely from time to time. it won't be a washout. highs today near 70. near 70 again tomorrow. passing shower chances off and on through much of your sunday as well. not a good morning. it's saturday, may 18, 2013. a look at today's top stories,
investigators on the scene after two trains packed with rush hour commuters collide in connecticut. more than 60 people injured, some critically. what went wrong? live on the scene with the latest. severe weather. 35 million americans facing the threat of dangerous storms, including powerful thunderstorms, large hail, even tornado in some spots. this morning, dylan has the forecast that might save your life. and powerball fever, lottery jackpot soars to $600 million. one of the largest in history. buying a ticket, enough to win? think again. tips from a seven-time winner to improve your chances of striking it rich. hello again, everybody. i'm lester holt alongside erica hill. i can't wait to hear how to win the lottery. >> if he gives it to you, it's
called being kind and sharing. we love to share. >> we will find more about that, coming up. >> chaos at the cannes film festival. gunshots during a live tv interview. plus, a brazen jewelry heist, with all of the details sound like something out of a movie, but it wasn't. didn't happen on the big screen. a live report and what is actually going on in the mediterranean. also ahead, will o.j. simpson get a new trial? the former football star blaming his 2008 armed robbery conviction on his former lawyer, but on friday, that attorney took the stand to defend himself. a contentious hearing. wait until you hear what he says about simpson. a young man that might be the cutest mayor we've ever met. at just 4 years old we thought his name is bobby. but mayor tufts prefers robert. joining us from dorsett, minnesota.
a lot of summer people, but he is a year-round resident and the mayor at age 4. we begin with a train collision and derailment in connecticut. michelle franzen in bridgeport, connecticut, with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. we should hear more from investigators set to hold a presser later this morning. here on scene, including a team from ntsb, trying to determine the exact cause of the derailment that left dozens injured. the two metro north commuter trains collided in connecticut, an hour outside of new york city, near the fairfield/bridgeport border at the peak of friday commute. >> 60 people transported to two different hospitals. five people critically injured, one in a very critical condition. >> reporter: passengers describe the crash and the frantic moments that followed as chaotic. >> there was this loud bang and crash, and everyone was jolted
forward, people fell out of their seats and things went dark and a loud screeching. >> reporter: rescue crews scrambled to pull passengers from the mangled cars. >> had to smash a window for us to get out. >> reporter: authorities say the initial investigation shows the eastbound metro north train derailed and then collided with the westbound train. the accident suspended train service along the route, leaving passengers at grand central stranded. >> no service at this time. >> reporter: damage the governor says will have a big impact on the northeast corridor. a vital route between boston and new york city. >> it's pretty devastating damage to a number of cars. it's clear these cars came into contact, ripped off at least a portion of the siding of one of the cars. >> reporter: and investigators will be leaving the trains right
where they at until they are finish finished. and commuters are told it could be days, well into next week before repairs are made. amtrak has limited service between boston and new york. erica. >> michelle franzen in connecticut this morning, thank you. people whose homes were torn apart in granbury, texas, by a tornado will be able to survey damage, one day after governor rick perry toured the area. dylan dreyer is tracking stormy weather for us. good morning. good morning, lester. a setup that could lead to a severe storm outbreak, especially into this afternoon. very high dewpoints because of moisture off the gulf of mexico. that sets up the stage when have you an approaching cold front to produce very powerful storms. and we could see within these storms, strong gusty winds and heavy downpours, frequent
lightning, some hail and also some tornadoes. in orange there from parts of nebraska to western kansas, into parts of western oklahoma, that's the area where we could see our best chance of tornadoes. especially later on this evening. that would be the time frame, but elsewhere in red, we are still going to see the potential of some very strong storms. right now, the storms that we're seeing across alabama into georgia are not the ones that will see the tornadoes, although they are producing torrential downpours and gusty winds out of those systems as well. threat spreads eastward. and tornadoes, not just in the east, we could see them throughout the afternoon. something we will be tracking in keeping a close eye on as we go throughout the entire weekend. lester. >> we'll get the national forecast in a few minutes. thank you. erica. two winning ticket on friday night's mega millions jackpot. one sold in new jersey, the other in virginia. but just hours from now, there is a much bigger prize up for
grabs. tonight's powerball drawing, worth $600 million, so you can feel the lottery fever across the country. powerball fever is sweeping the nation. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> reporter: in 43 states, folks are plunking down hard-earned cash at a chance of winning $600 million. the largest drawing in powerball history, thanks in part to a gold rush in california, which only started selling powerball tickets last month, and the dreamers are everywhere. >> i will go buy an island, and stay there. >> pay off college. for a lot of kids. >> dreaming about that money is nice, but let's be realistic. a long shot. your odds of win, 1-175 million. you would have a better shot of hitting a hole in one on consecutive par three golf courses. getting elected president of the united states, or even becoming
a movie star. but there are ways to increase your odds. richard luftig, a seven-time lottery winner. and author of "learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery." number one, stick to it. >> the lottery is like a job. anything in life worth acquiring involves putting time and effort into it. >> number two, pick your own numbers. don't let the computer do it for you. >> the reason why you should play the same numbers? your odds become better every time you play. not much, but every little bit helps. >> and number three, set a budget. >> i tell people, don't spend grocery money. don't spend rent money. >> but with more than half a billion dollars up for grabs, it's a chance millions are people are willing to take. >> what the heck. everyone gets lucky once in a while, right? >> if $6 00 million is enough for you, it could go higher
before tonight's drawing, depending on ticket sales. other headlines of the day, including a lanning gear malfunction on a plane at newark. >> yeah, guys, it's scary. we begin with an emergency landing at newark airport. check out this clip up loaded on youtube. a small plane carrying 34 passengers, approaching the runway. you can see the sparks as it lands and makes contact with the ground and an airline spokesman says the landing gear retracted, forcing the plane to make a belly landing. the plane landed safely and everyone was okay. and a scene in russia, when a landing gear of this boeing 737 caught fire as the plane came down to the runway. and 143 passengers had to go off the wings or off the plane's emergency slide. the worst week in office for president obama, as the acting
chief of the irs came under fire. kristen welker joins us from the white house. >> good morning. it was contentious and bipartisan outrage, something we don't see a whole lot of. here are the highlights from the hearing on friday. steven miller, who is the acting irs commissioner who offered his resignation earlier this week, apologi aapologized for not saying that the irs was targeting tea party groups and other conservative groups. miller said it was just a foolish mistake. called it obnoxious. there were a number of heated exchanges. take a listen. >> why did you mislead congress and the machineamerican people ? >> i didn't mislead the american people or congress. i answered the questions that were asked.
>> reporter: white house officials say they learned about the irs tar getting last week. this administration under fire for that, as well as the handling of the benghazi attack and revelation that the department of justice seized phone records from journalists. so really fielding a lot of different controversies this week. political analysts say the three controversies could threaten to derail the second-term agenda, which includes immigration reform, deficit reduction, he doesn't have a whole lot of time to get those things accomplished, and has focused on the controversies this week. the irs scandal has the most staying power, a number of hearings on that on the horizon. more than six years now since her disappearance, and the search for madeline mccann continues. police in england are following up on new leads in the case. they say they have identified a number of persons of interest. they do remain in regular contact with mccann's parents,
who have never stopped searching for their daughter. little madeline disappeared when the family was in portugal. again, six years ago. finally, a tale of two different experiences at the ballpark. one to share with your friends and your family and youtube, and the other one, not. guy number one, colorado rockies game, in the stands, about to drop his beer when he catches the home run ball and holds on to the beer. wonderful story to share with the kids and grandkids. guy number two, angels game in anaheim. about to drop his beer. beer dropped everywhere. story to share with no one. the good news, thankfully nobody got it on camera. >> no one will ever know about your party foul at the game. >> hold on, wait a second. they did. oh, and that's the news. >> punctuation mark.
dylan dreyer on the plaza. no, right here. a strong round of storms today into tomorrow. a severe weather outbreak, tornadoes possible throughout the plains this evening, and tomorrow afternoon and evening in the eastern plains. a look at the weather across the country. now here is a peek out your window. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures are in mid-60s right now. and the clouds have moved in. the rain chances are following behind. not an all-day washout, but we have rain showers now across southern maryland down to the south of town. even a few sprinkles into central and southern parts of montgomery and that's your latest forecast, erica. dylan, thanks.
o.j. simpson's fate is in the hands of a judge as he awaits his bid for a new trial. the former football star wants a new trial for the armed robbery conviction that landed him behind bars, and we report that his appeal centers around his former lawyer. >> reporter: he was once o.j. simpson's defense attorney, on friday, it was yale galanter on the defensive. >> i don't think i could have fought harder, done more, or -- i mean, i really did. i put every ounce of blood, sweat, and soul i had into defending him. >> o.j.'s current defense lawyers requesting a new trial for him. saying galanter botched the 2008 trial where he was convicted of armed robbery of memorabilia from two las vegas dealers. lawyers argued galanter mismanaged the defense funds, failed to adequately challenge
key prees pieces of the prosecu evidence and gave o.j. bad advice. assertions galanter denies. >> i advised him i didn't think he should testify. >> reporter: galanter says it was the best advice he could give and dismisses claims by o.j. that he told him about the plan to get the memorabilia. >> mr. simpson never told me he would go into the palace station with a bunch of thugs, that he asked to bring guns, keep people in a room and forcibly take his property back, and the insinuation that i would have blessed it or anybody else with a license to practice law would have blessed it is insane. >> reporter: the prosecution says galanter defended simpson fairly. >> did you feel you were adequately prepared for trial? >> yes. >> reporter: the exchanges in the courtroom were at times
contentious. >> is that your testimony? >> yes. >> i guess it is. >> reporter: outside the courtroom, simpson's lawyers struck a more positive tone. >> the petition had merit and every single day we had testimony, we scored points. >> reporter: now it's up to the judge to decide whether or not o.j. simpson's previous conviction stands or if he's entitled to a new trial, which could also mean he could be set free. for "today," nbc news, las vegas. still to come, chaos at the cannes film festival, and it's not on the big screen. what's happening, right after these messages. ( telephone rings ) hi, honey. how's the camping trip? well, kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. what are you doing? having coffee. ah, sounds good! i thought you'd say that. ah.
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a lot of the buzz at this year's cannes film festival has nothing to do with the movies being shown. the drama and untreeiintrigue s be happening in real life. >> reporter: good morning, lester, drama on screen is what cannes should be about, but first there was the theft of jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then last night, a live broadcast was interrupted by a man firing a gun. panic during a live broadcast from the film festival. a man armed with a gun and grenade burst on the set while an academy award winner was being interviewed.
the man immediately arrested, the fwrgrenade fake, and the gu starting pistol. no one was injured. the opening night at cannes, a glittering affair. julianne moore and scindy crawford. and britain's latest top model dazzling with shopar gems. but jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars was stolen from the cannes hotel room of a chopard employee. even more bizarre, it was on the same night that "bling ring" was being promoted. about jowl jewelry obsessed. in the movie, teenagers break into hotmes and steal items.
the french rivera is the perfect setting for a jewel heist. >> diamonds, the only thing in the world i can't resist. >> reporter: this one is for real. the thief may be in the midst, but the show must go on. police say there was no forced access to the room, whichith believed to be in the name of an american woman, so they say the thief had their own key card. laster. >> annabelle roberts with the story, thank you. still ahead, erica meets some dolphins who can paint like picasso. i guess we'd call these water colors. >> hey, hey! colors. >> hey, hey! who is on
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it is 8:26 on this saturday, may 18th. i'm angie goff. and right now police are veging a murder that appears to have stemmed from a domestic situation. chopper 4 flew over blossom drive in sterling last night. police tell news 4 it appears it's here that a woman shot her husband. we expect to learn their names later today. in a few hours ken kuch nelly gets the republican nomination in the governors race. the attorney general will accept the nomination this morning at the republican party of virginia's state convention in richmond. and get ready for delays on metro. on the green line three stations are closed. keep in mind that this could spell problems for those going to graduation tomorrow at the university of maryland. over on the orange line, ballston and virginia square are also closed. and on the red line, expect single tracking lines.
single tracking lines. we'll have a look at a wet
i'm drinking dunkin'. medium iced, cream and sugar. dunkin' iced all day long. dunkin' keeps me going. it gives me the boost i need. dunkin' iced keeps me moving and grooving. i run on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee. a lot of us are waking up and seeing the clouds out there early.
what's the word, chuck? >> the word is that you need to at least be prepared for some rain showers both today and tomorrow. it's not going to rain everywhere all weekend long, but shower chances will be dawning the landscapes on both your saturday and sunday. currently, temperatures are generally in the mid-60s in and around town. a little cooler towards hagerstown where the current temperature is at 60 degrees. 63 in waldorf. 65 at the naval academy. you can see on storm team 4 radar most of rain is just to the south of the d.c. metro area. there are sprinkles in montgomery county. highs today upper 60s to near 70 degrees. tomorrow once again plenty of clouds around and highs on your sunday generally upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. have the umbrella ready to go, but it it won't be a complete washout.
>> if you are looking for a dance party this morning, you will fin one right here on the plaza. we are going to have more dancing coming up a little bit later this half hour right here on the plaza. we are joining in with lester holt, shaking his groove thing. lester has been practicing all week. >> very difficult, a lot of steps. >> a lot to remember. >> i know all the steps, i just don't know them inner. >> murn detail. >> plenty of time. at least five minute before the segment. you will have it mastered. >> super. >> i'm erica hill with lester holt, master of the dance, dylan dreyer and jenna wolfe. you may have heard of swimming with dolphins, but we're going
to paint with dolphins. a program to help stimulate them mentally in las vegas and some other places around the country. more on that, coming up. also, one of the worst kept secrets happening right now. not that jenna is pregnant, but somebody else might be. >> what? >> that's not a secret. what is the secret, but now won't be a secret that beyonce is rumored to be pregnant with baby number two. >> which is why we did the pregnant pause leading into that. >> thank you for clearing it up and having my back. >> it was planneded. also, sometimes politicians can act like children, we'll meet a real child politician. the mayor of a town in minnesota. only 4 years old we'll talk to pint-sized politician robert "don't call me bobby" tufts in just a moment.
>> also ahead. no more pregnant pauses. >> i'm done, i'm having a baby. >> dylan with a check of the weather. >> we will do some line dancing on a plaza a little cloudy, not too rainy. rain in the middle of the country. we couldld see some very strong storms today. in. baltimore, things are looking just fine. mostly cloudy with a couple showers. the course should not be as wet as it was for the kentucky derby. highs in the 60s in that area. that area of red across southern minnesota into north central texas that's where we could see some soft the strongest storms today. and we could even end up tomorrow with a round of isolated tornadoes, especially during the afternoon and into the evening. so it is going to be very busy in the plain states as we go throughout today and tomorrow. we'll keep an eye on that. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a peek out your window. >> it's a cloudy saturday morning. i'm chuck bell. we're in the mid-60s now with
rain chances on the up and up through the rest of your saturday afternoon. especially if you live south of the d.c. area. down towards prince williams county, fredericksburg, you folks will have the best chance for rain. lowest rain chances in the mason dixon line. mid-60s for the rest of your saturday morning. up near 70 for a brief time this afternoon. and that is the latest forecast. back over to lester and jenna. >> dylan, thank you very much. a big year for beyonce, and has people talking again. jenna is here to tell us about that. >> beyonce loves to make a splash onscreen and offscreen. she famously debuted her baby bump two years ago at the mtv music awards. in the middle of a huge world tour. i know that rub. i know that rub real well. now in the middle of a huge world tour, the superstar may be taking a more subtle approach when it comes to announcing baby news. blue ivy is going to be a big
sister. sources close to e news say that they are expecting baby number two. >> we have confirmed that beyonce is pregnant and rumors are true. >> reporter: it reached an all-time high when a performance canceled in belgium, citing dehydration and exhaustion. >> dehydration and exhaustion, there is usually some other reason behind whatever it is that happened. >> reporter: she took to tumbler account to personally apologize to fans. i have never postponed a show in my life. i'm sorry if i disappointed you. and at the recent met gala, she wore a custom made gown that conspicuously concealed her stomach. >> when she shows up to a big gala and not wearing something form fitting, a lot of people start raising eyebrows. >> reporter: beyonce and
jay-sfwlnch jay-z remain silent. but baby carriages were rolled on stage by her backup dancers, and she told oprah they want another baby. >> i definitely want another child. >> reporter: if she is pregnant, she will join other a-listers such as kate middleton, kim car dasha, fergie and me. i'm kidding. but with her world tour just starting, many wonder how mrs. carter will be able to deliver high-energy performances during the later stages of pregnancy. beyonce performed last night in switzerland. e is reporting that the show will go on. and that beyonce's north american summer concert tour not expected to be impacted at all by her alleged pregnancy. i don't know about that. i went through morning sickness. if i had to get on stage, not
sure that's happening. first u.s. show next month. >> i remember you running off this plaza a number of times. back inside to erica. >> lester, thanks. robert tufts looks like your typical 4-year-old. but his resume goes way beyond daycare and playgrounds, that's because he is mayor of dorsett, minnesota, population 26. he has been in the spotlight after he was covered at the governor's fishing opener. that is one of his favorite activities. he joins us this morning with his mom, emma tufts. mr. mayor, have you been at this job now since august. what is the hardest part about being the mayor of dorsett, minnesota. is it all the attention? all the cameras? >> um-hum. >> yeah. but you get a lot of free stuff, right? do you get free ice cream? you do? wheat your favorite flavor? >> strawberry and chocolate. >> good call combining those
two. is it true have you a girlfriend, robert? yes? what's her name. >> sophia. >> sophia. you think she likes you just for you or likes that you are the mayor? >> that i'm the mayor. >> emma, have you a 4-year-old that's the mayor. you don't hear that every day. and the election process is a little different in dorsett. how did he become mayor? >> well, we decided to run him in a campaign for kind of publicity for the restaurant that i worked at. and we did some photos and did a campaign button and posters, and all the waitresses wore the buttons and sold it to the customers. rare lot of momentum going, and there is an annual festival, you pay $1 and you can put a name
in. and a name is drawn out of a hat. the big question, mr. mayor, are you going to run again this august? you are? you think you have it in you for a second term? yeah. what is the biggest challenge about your day job, buddy? >> poking my eye out. >> i hope you don't poke your eye out as mayor. oh, no. mr. mayor, i think you should pass a resolution to make sure that doesn't happen. nice to have you with us, i know your family is fourth generation in this tiny town. nice to see you finally have gotten somebody elected after four generations. we'll see if your younger brother can follow in your footsteps. nice to have you both here. >> thank you. move over, monet. we have works of art created by dolphins, first this message. in brookside, remarkable tastes come together.
rich, dark chocolate meets sweetened soft centers flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate combined in ways you've never experienced before.
discover brookside. new honey bunches of oats greek yohere we go.ole grain. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek. leonardo da vinci and monet had beautiful works, but we have a work slightly more abstract. >> i had a chance to paint with cosmos, a 9-year-old bottle most dolphin. the goal is to keep animals
mentally stimulated. his methods are anything but conventional. they flip and flop, and never get old. but if you think have you seen all of the talent dolphins have to offer, you haven't met cosmo. tell us about cosmo, who we are meeting today? >> he is a really fun, really adorable dolphin, very interested in learning new behaviors. >> reporter: 9-year-old cosmo recently took up painting as part of a new program that allows guests to interact with the dolphins at the mirage education and research habitat in las vegas. what i'm looking for is for him to make contact with the canvas at all times, regardless of what the canvas is. and needs to keep moving his head until i blow the whistle. >> reporter: cosmo's brush strokes mimic natural dolphin movement and fife of the ten dolphins have been trained to
use these special brushes, secured inside buoys. how long did it take cosmo to learn to do this? >> maybe about a month or so. >> reporter: because you're gifted, right? yeah, exactly. while painting with the dolphins sounds like play time, lead dolphin care specialist erin wise says the art is really about the animal's well-being. >> training them new behaviors is the best way to provide mental stimulation. it's problem solving, a sense of control over their environment. >> reporter: keeping these animals engaged is essential. what don't they get in human care that they have in the wild? >> wild population are stimulated by the instinct for survival. in human care, we have to find other ways to keep them mentally stimulated. >> reporter: recreating the environment for that stimulation is a 24-hour operation. where does the water come from?
sea water that you bring in? >> no, we make the saltwater inhouse. >> reporter: and then there is the food. more than 200 pounds of restaurant grade fish prepared fresh daily. >> they eat better than some people. >> reporter: and they need it. bottle nosed dolphins can weigh as much as 650 pounds. the twists and jumps that seem like a performance to us humans are natural exercises for these mammals. who can swim as fast as 22 miles per hour. though sometimes the most important thing they can do is slow down. training dolphins to participate in their own health care, the reason we can get nice and close to them, see their bodies, have them relaxed. put your hand right up there. and one, two, three. good job! >> reporter: cosmo creates a limited number of paintings each
week, and like any good artist, his masterpieces don't come cheap. 200 bucks a pop. but trainers like erin hope the experience will leave guests with a passion for conservation and a commitment to their ar tustu artist's well-being. look at your work? are you happy with it? i am too. thank you. as we moved his head in one direction, you have to move the canvas, but you can tell some of the paintings, which dolphin has done it, they each have a slightly different technique. >> kind of like an etch-a-sketch. >> a little bit, yes. up next, spinning, sliding and stepping on the plaza. but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
have you heard about the cupid shuffle or the wobble? what about the hustle, of course.
dylan recently got a lesson in line dancing. tell us about it. >> when i was little i could do the electric slide. i couldn't do it well, but i could do it. but line dancing has evolved to something more popular, but from first hand experience, not as easy as it looks. it all started with the electric slide. ♪ i'll teach you the electric slide ♪ >> the macarena. ♪ hey, macarena >> and remember billy ray sire us with his achy breaky heart? that catapulted country western line dancing to the mainstream. with the more modern soul offul twist is as popular as ever. anita mullen has been teaching soul line dancing in harlem.
>> we're trying to get the younger folks to see the beauty of it. any time anyone thinks about line dancing, they think about country western. >> reporter: each week, more than 60 people show up to step, slide and turn. >> i'm 85 years old, i just enjoy the togetherness of line dancing. >> reporter: why do people crave to come back? >> simple steps and exercise. >> you look like you can handle it. >> reporter: i was a bit nervous at first. >> everybody good with that? >> reporter: but with each step came confidence. i have this one. and comradery. you guys are awesome. from the cupid shuffle to the wobble. soul line dancing is a nationwide phenomenon. down in houston, texas, sheryl williams, the line dance queen, has turned the craze into a
booming business. >> i love to have fun, enjoy myself. it's just my passion. >> reporter: her students, both young and old, share her enthusiasm. >> i love to dance! >> reporter: back in harlem, after nearly two hours, i'm all out of moves. i think i'm dripping sweat right now. but i'll be back. and anita mullen a line dance instructor here in harlem. you will teach us a few things today. >> yes. >> you are an amazing teacher. we need that. >> what are you teaching us today? >> i will teach you the new jersey strut, also known as the baltimore. the music is "i want" by chakka kan. the first step, two to the right, two to the left. right, left, kick, kick, knee up, knee up, down, up.
>> that's like 27 moves. >> down, up. >> you will have more time in class when you come. >> come up, down, and then up. >> okay. are you okay with that? >> can we go on? >> a little bit last night. >> not a bad thing. he has moves. >> well, if you mess up, check out, that's what my teacher tells me. >> that's my motto. >> do we need to go over that? move on? >> good with that part. >> got it? >> we got it. >> the next part is you will move your hips to the right. hips to your left. and you kick, step out with your left, fake a turn to your right and come back. do three of those. >> step, step, boom, boom. >> let's try it. >> look at these moves over here. >> straight, come back. three of those. and then the last one you will do a kick, and then a turn.
>> and then this way. and then this way. you do the routine to each wall. yes. >> do we have to do it to music? i like doing it this way. much easier. >> i think you will be just fine. can we get rid of these so we can dance? >> we don't need to use your hands. >> okay. >> music from the top. >> with music, right? >> yeah! ♪ >> all right. ready to go. >> give it up. >> here we go. five, six, seven, eight. to the right, to the left, right, left, change, change, up, up, down, up. kick to your right, kick to your left. kick step, fake, come back. and come back, and particular
every kick, step bei, fake, com back. right, left, kick, kick, up, knee, down, kick to your right, kick to the left. kick, step, come back. kick step, fake, come back. kick, step, fake, come back. now down. to the left, right left, kick, kick, up, up, down, down, and to your right, fake to the left. kick step fake come back. kick step fake come back and up and down, and now slide. kick to the right, to two the left. right, left, kick, kick, up, up, down, up, kick to your right, kick to your left. kick, step, fake, come back. and kick, step, fake, come back. kick, step, fake, come back and slide. two to the right, two to the left, right, left, kick, kick. >> this is labor inducing. >> kick to your right, kick to the left. >> hold on.
>> kick step, fake. >> are you dancing with us? >> kick to the right. >> we'll be back after this. >> right after this. [ kelly ] people say it's really hard to follow a healthy routine. guess what? you can do it. that it's almost impossible to eat healthy. but you can do it. that you can't improve your mouth's health with a toothpaste. with colgate total® you can. [ male announcer ] colgate total® does more than protect. it fights germs for 12 hours. in 24 hours starts to fortify enamel. and in 4 weeks helps improve gum health. you see? for better mouth health, use colgate total®. [ male announcer ] do more than protect. improve mouth health with colgate total®. you can do it!
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this! [ female announcer ] introducing the new egg white delight mcmuffin. freshly grilled egg whites and creamy white cheddar. also available on any of your breakfast favorites. it's another new way... mm! that's good. [ female announcer ] love mcdonald's. ♪ the cub an shuffle, is that what it is? thank you for being here. >> new york catholic charities, thank you. >> and we like to thank you for being here. >> we love it. >> we'll go off with another dance. >> the cupid shuffle. >> thank you for watching, everybody. here we go. the
good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. straight ahead here on news 4 today, severe weather strikes again. a tornado takes direct aim at a house in texas. now to chuck. we do have some rain drops on the radar first thing this morning. rain drops may interfere with your weekend plans. we'll talk about that coming up. what would you do with $600 million? for some lucky person, i'll have details. reaction you have to see.
a sea lion's natural instinct after a little girl takes a tumble. plus an earthquake rattles one region overnight. one region overnight. >> we are back in 90 seconds. one region overnight. >> ware you still sleeping?s. just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. can't believe it happened.
just trying to get through this. >> developing right now, what went wrong. a train crashes after coming into the path of another train along a busy commuter rail. what we're learning about the passengers hurt and how it happened. and the rain, it's starting to move into the region. what you can expect throughout the day. >> good morning. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. welcome to news 4 today. it's saturday, may 18th, 2013. >> you're going to want to grab the umbrella today. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is tracking what's to come. let's check in with him. >> good morning, everybody. your weekend finally here. but unfortunely clouds have moved in just in time for your saturday morning. there are rain drops on the radar. though rain is in the forecast for both days this weekend, it's not going to rain everywhere all weekend. you'll want to have the umbrella close by. rain showers, a few sprinkles on the north side of the the metro. across maryland, a little steadier l